If you’ve ever Googled “Newborn Essentials”, you’ve no doubt been left overwhelmed! Do babies really need all of this stuff?! It’s a lot, we know. 

From the diapers to the barrier creams to the burp cloths, nasal aspirators (aka snotsucker!) and more, it’s hard to know what you really need and what is marketing hype.

We’ve tried to quiet the noise (just don’t quiet the white noise!) and pulled together a list of 4 Newborn Essentials that Google won’t tell you that you need… but you really do! 

White noise

White noise is THE best tool at your disposal to promote sleep on the go and hide the noises of a busy household. They’re also a great, consistent sleep cue. As well as your more traditional sound machines, there are products like Riff Raff and Co’s sleep toys (that are super cute, too). These toys can both follow your little one from the infant phase right through to toddlerhood, while also providing a background track that actually mimics the heartbeat in the womb. Perfect for newborns in the 4th trimester. They come with a security strap to adhere the toys to cribs, prams and car seats, which is particularly important for infants when it’s advisable to have their sleep area free from any toys. 

You can find our favorite white noise & sound machines right here in our Amazon Store.

Diaper pail

We’re just going to say it…. Babies are adorable but they can create THE BIGGEST SMELLS. We highly recommend a diaper pail for this reason! Sure, you can wrap up your soiled diapers and pop them in your kitchen bin, but with all the new duties you and your partner are now adjusting to, if you don’t remember to take out the trash within a couple of hours, then those diapers will be sure to remind you (and your entire home) of their presence. That’s why the diaper pail is such a great invention; it traps the soiled items in a smell-proof section of the bin. No smell, no fuss! 

Car mirror 

You’ve had the car seat fitted by an expert and are feeling like you’ve ticked that box…. But then every time you bundle your delicious newborn into their rear-facing car seat, you hop in the front seat to drive and realize you can’t see their face! Cue the panic. (You know they’re probably fine, but there’s huge relief that comes with just being able to *see* that for yourself. 

That’s what the baby car mirror is for. You install it to the rear head rest above baby’s car seat and a quick glance up from the steering wheel to the rear-vision mirror gives you the piece of mind that they’re snug and happy (hopefully sleeping) and prevents you from having to pull over every time you hear a weird noise coming from your baby, or worse, no noise at all.

Swaddle Contraption

New babies love the sensation of the swaddle. It reminds them of being snug in the womb. (More on that here.) The more firm the swaddle the more settled they will feel. But swaddle technique takes a minute (or two) to perfect and often the moro reflex, (aka the startle reflex) kicks in and they can break out of their snug muslin wraps and wake themselves up. 

Enter the zip-up swaddle suit. Zips on and off for easy night changes and doesn’t come undone. Ever! Brands we love are HALO, Love to Dream and Woombie. These swaddle sleep suits also come with TOG ratings so you can pick the right weighted suit for your climate.

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