May is a special month here at OC Mommy and Me!  Not only is it Alex’s birthday month, but it is home to a day that honors and recognizes all the wonderful things that make up a mom.  Let’s face it, motherhood is an exclusive club that unifies you with the stranger in the grocery check-out line or the other pregnant woman in the doctor’s office.  The experience starts even before you hold your baby in your arms, but builds in intensity from the moment you know you’re expecting.  It is all encompassing and life-changing, and tends to be the single most important thing you’ve ever done in your life!  (Even Beyonce can attest to that!)
So in honor of Mother’s Day, a day you so rightfully deserve, we are giving you $75 off any of our classes! You can buy a class as a gift for a new mom (you gotta look out for your mommy tribe) or gift yourself a class by pre-registering for a future class if a class for your baby’s birth month isn’t already posted.  You may as well go ahead and register for your first AND second series classes or lock down your Second Time Moms class!  Honestly, no one said you couldn’t treat yourself with some of the best experts in OC and support from your new mommy village on Mother’s Day!
Register now and use promo code MOM valid through Sunday, 5/8. Only applicable for future purchases.
Still not sure about this pre-registering thing?  Don’t worry, we have a fantastic return policy.  Pre-registering secures a space in one of our future groups since they fill up so quickly and so you don’t have to worry about it!  We are all about making mom’s life easier!  Once the schedule is posted for your baby’s birth month, we will notify you of your group’s start date and time, and you will have a space secured in that group.  Should the day and time not work with your schedule, you may join any future group that works.  If no other groups work and you decide against joining the class, we will refund the registration fee in full.  It’s that simple!
We cannot wait to meet you and your little one(s)!  (Moms of multiples, I’m looking at you, too!)