Recently I had Clean Bambino come to my house to clean my car seats after my little guy got sick in his and Michael did such a great job! He shared so much valuable information about what germs and bacteria are carried in car seats. So gross! If you mention OC Mommy and Me when you book, he will apply a discount to your services!




*According to a recent study conducted by car seat manufacturer Maxi-Cosi, of the 506 parents polled, over half wash their car seats just a few times a year. With 85 percent of these parents allowing their kids to eat while strapped in, it doesn’t seem surprising that 36 percent of them would find three or more different food groups crammed in the tiny crevices of their seats.

*Scientists at the University of Birmingham found an average of 100 potentially dangerous bacteria and fungi in each square centimeter of the car seats they tested this past July 2014. That’s twice as many germs as they found in toilet seats. http://www.today.com/video/today/55929696

How Often?

We recommend regular maintenance of your Children’s Accessories every three months. This will help keep your children safe from sticky latches and germs while extending the appearance/life of your products.

Cleaning Process:

All items are cleaned with child friendly non-toxic products and or steam to insure a clean and disinfected surface. If you are having even the slightest trouble, questions or concerns, don’t worry about a thing. Clean Bambino is waiting to help. Visit www.cleanbambino.com or call 949-933-2221 to schedule a cleaning of all your children’s accessories.