Hey Mamas (and mamas to be),

As a mother, I’ve learned what my range of capabilities are when it comes to parenting my children. I know my strengths, and I know when it’s time to bring in reinforcements!

But in this age of “Supermom”, I remember feeling (particularly as a new mom) that I was meant to be able to “do it all” and that I must somehow be incapable if I needed help.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. Asking for help was the best thing I ever did as a new mom — and even still to this day!

The arrival of a new baby is a huge transition for the whole family. It takes a village, we’ve all heard that. And if you haven’t asked for help yet, it might be time to let the village in.  

When a new baby comes into the world everyone is so eager to be helpful—so let them. Do it on your terms and start delegating, mama! 

Here were some of my favorite things to delegate, either to friends or to professionals: 

  • Cooking! Bring on the meal trains, I say!
  • Help with other children’s schedules (school drop offs, soccer practice, playdates). 
  • Grocery shopping. If you can’t get delivery, can you have someone else pick your order up for you from the store? 
  • Cleaning! Book a cleaning service once a week. You won’t regret it! 
  • Pet care. Sadly our pets get bumped down the list when a new baby enters the family. But the dog still needs a walk! Hire a dog walker or find a willing family member or friend to make sure Fido still gets his steps in until you feel comfortable doing it yourself again. 

Bringing a baby home is a busy time in a household, but it’s also one of the MOST magical times. I couldn’t have survived without my family and friends’ support. But, I do realize not everyone has a large network of family close by. That’s where a doula can help.

You will always have support and a community at New Mom School, but if you think you might need to have a little extra help on the homefront, then check out our blog outlining some of the ways that a postpartum doula can really help a new mom, and see if its the right fit for you! 

If you are struggling please don’t hesitate to bring it up in class, we love to rally around our fellow mamas in times of need.

That’s the New Mom School way.

Love, Alex