The gift-giving season is here and chances are you’re dreading adding more unnecessary toys to your children’s collection, and also wondering what on earth to get your partner…while also hoping you can drop some very targeted hints of gifts for yourself!


Enter → The New Mom School’s Gift Guide!

We’ve curated lists for Mom and Dad, as well as toy ideas for all ages from newborn through to 3-year olds, and the best part is you’ll be buying toys that are age-appropriate and foster imagination, sensory stimulation and physical development. 

Newborn / Baby Gift Ideas

For newborns – 6 months old, focus on black and white toys, small toys to grasp, and toys that promote visual tracking 

Closer to 9 months you can focus on toys that promote sitting and rotation in tummy time and seated positions, so balls, toys that roll, cars, and larger toys they can hold on to are great.

Approaching 12 months old you can introduce sit to stand toys, toys they can kneel and play with, and put-in/take-out and stacking toys, like nesting blocks.

View suggestions for these toys in our Amazon Store. 

1-Year Old Gift Ideas

If you have a 1-year old in your home you’ve probably noticed they are BUSY, so an activity table is often a go-to gift as it provides multiple opportunities for engagement in the one platform. 

Other things to look out for are bright-colored toys, to stimulate the mind, music and movement-based toys, as well as toys that foster hand-eye coordination like peg puzzles, stacking toys, bead mazes and so on. 

You can see plenty of ideas for these types of toys in our Amazon Store

2-3 Year Old Gift Ideas

You might have noticed role playing is starting to become big at this age, which is why toys that mimic adult activity are always a winner, like play kitchens, pretend shops, cleaning objects and so on. 

If you’re game for a bit of mess, craft supplies, sand and water tables are great, as well as anything that moves such as bikes, scooters, wobble balance boards and push cars. For all of our gift ideas for 2-3 year olds, visit our Amazon Store.

Gifts for Dads

We asked the men in our lives for some of their gift requests for this year and compiled them into a list here. Some of their ideas included silicone-sphere ice molds for whiskey and cocktails, wireless headphones, new bbq tools and a car detailing! (The car detailing was a little tricky to include in our Amazon Store, so we’ve included some car detailing products, but they’d no doubt appreciate the detailing being done by someone else!) 

Gifts for Mom

Want to drop subtle gift ideas for yourself? We’ve pulled together a list of some of our favourites including an ember mug, that will ensure you never have to reheat your tea or coffee again, and a spa-finder gift voucher so you can receive the gift of “me time” and choose the relaxing treatment of your choice. More ideas can be found here