Register for prenatal classes  ✅

Register for postnatal classes…..

If that second item left you scratching your head a little, that’s okay! We’re here to explain it all. 

It’s common for parents-to-be to enroll in prenatal classes to prepare you for the birth of your little one (and because everyone tells you to do that, right?!), but what happens once the baby has arrived? Who answers all your questions then? Who addresses your worries after you’ve gone down the Google rabbit hole and come up overwhelmed with more concerns than you started?!

WE do! 

Our Newborn Class Series starts when your baby is about 3 weeks old and runs in-person over 10 weeks. During your weekly class you’ll receive education from highly sought-after professionals on topics such as: 


  • The Transition into Motherhood
  • Newborn Sleep Foundations
  • Soothing Your Fussy Baby
  • Attachment and Bonding
  • Marriage and Motherhood
  • Infant Massage
  • The Postpartum Body
  • Tummy Time and Baby’s Physical Development
  • Working vs. Staying Home
  • Reducing Anxiety Tools and Techniques


AND you’ll have the most magical experience of being supported by moms going through exactly what you are, saving your sanity and giving you the confidence and knowledge you need to be the BEST mom that you and your baby deserve.


Now, here’s How It Works


Step 1: Register while pregnant

Yes—before baby arrives is the perfect time to register. We form our classes based on expected due dates which allows us to place you with other moms whose babies are born closest in age to yours. (All registrations are fully refundable if circumstances change and you aren’t able to attend class.)


Step 2: Be assigned your class

About two weeks prior to your due date, we will be in touch to let you know your *tentative* class details. We know that babies come when they want to, so once we collect your baby’s actual birthdate, we will either confirm or adjust your class start date accordingly! 


Step 3: Meet your fellow mom village who will change your life!

You will typically begin your class series when your baby is between 3-6 weeks old. We know that sometimes things happen after baby arrives and we will always work with you to find the perfect timing to begin classes. 


Our Newborn Class series are held at all three of our locations, Newport Mesa, Encinitas and Long Beach, and you can pre-register now here to tentatively save a spot for you and your little one. (Remember, all registrations are fully refundable if circumstances change and you aren’t able to attend class.)

We are here to help and make your lives easier and we stop at nothing to make that happen for you in your postpartum journey. We are honored and grateful to be a part of it, so please connect with us if you have any questions or we can support you further. 

Register Now!

We can’t wait to meet you and your baby in class!