It’s baffling to me what our bodies do to grow and birth a human.  Like many new moms, I wanted to get back to my pre-pregnancy body but I soon learned it was a process that takes time and patience.  When I got the green light to exercise after my cesarean with Jack, I remember going to a Bar Method class in LA and left crying because I didn’t have the strength or stamina to keep up with the class. Plus, I hated the way I looked in the wall-to-wall mirrors around the room. What’s up with that anyway?? It totally discouraged me from continuing to work out because I felt so awful about myself.  It wasn’t until Jack was 8 months old that I finally conjured up the self-esteem to attempt physical exercise again.  Crazy, I know.  This time I tried my hand at reformer Pilates.  It was my workout of choice at the time, mostly because between working full time and having a new baby, the only time I could work out was at 8pm after an already 12 hour day.  At that point, all I wanted to do was lie down.  Pilates was perfect!  I could lie down for almost the entire class!  Score!

What I realized after religiously going to my classes, is that I loved it because I felt empowered, supported and encouraged to keep going and get better. It was a tall mountain I was climbing after the 55lb weight gain I put on in my first pregnancy.  Slow and steady, I eventually lost the baby weight when Jack was 18 months.

After losing the baby weight plus an additional 10lbs, I dreaded putting the weight on again with my second pregnancy.  But, I did better the second time around and gained only 45lbs.  I was determined to lose it much faster this time after knowing how it felt to lose it all (and more).  I am happy to report that Asher is 8 months old and I am 6lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight!  9 months on, 9 months off!  I credit it all to my trainer Inna Shub and Equinox in Newport Mesa!  And here’s why.

I was never a gym person.  I forced myself to work out with a trainer twice a week for a year before my wedding.  I went kicking and screaming every single time but always left feeling great.  Even so, it never stuck.  Once I had two kids, I knew it was going to be extremely hard to find the time to exercise but I knew it was necessary.  I also knew I needed a trainer so that I had to show up for an appointment.  If I relied solely on myself to show up to classes, I would likely fail and I’m not into that.  Having someone waiting for me keeps me accountable.  When Asher was 3 months old, I started working out with Inna three times a week and it has been such an amazing experience.  Not only am I super close to my pre-pregnancy weight, but my clothes fit better, I feel good about myself and proud of all of my hard work.  Inna has an amazing way of preparing workouts for me that make me feel like I can do anything.  She makes things fun and interesting and customizes each session to my goals.  We have never done the same routine twice.

What I’ve realized during this experience is how important it is to do something that makes you feel good about yourself.  I had always tried to force myself to do whatever the current trend was and it didn’t work for me.  You need people around you who are cheering you on and building you up!  Equinox has been an amazing surprise.  It’s beautiful, clean and the staff is great! There are tons of group fitness classes that are changed up all the time so you never get bored. Plus, spin and yoga classes, too. The locker rooms are stocked with Kiehl’s products, there are fresh towels all over the gym and they have a delicious juice bar and café.  The wonderful manager, Ron Diemling, is a huge supporter of OC Mommy and Me and really caters to families.  I take my boys to the Kids Club all the time and they are GREAT!  I feel so comfortable leaving them with the caregivers there.  They are so sweet and great with the kids.  Having great childcare available at the gym is huge.  You now have no excuse not to go!

When I told Ron I wanted to share my experience with all of my mamas, he put together an amazing offer to the entire OC Mommy and Me community.  Whether you are a past group member or someone who just follows us, I would encourage you to give it a try.  You might fall in love like I have.  Here’s what you get…

– One week membership

– $0 Initiation

– Two Free Personal Training Sessions

– One Free Private Pilates Session!]


Total value of these services is over $1,000.  Seriously, so generous.  Thank you, Ron!

If you want to try it out, contact Ron directly at 949.296.1700.   You’ll need to use Alexandra Spitz as the person who referred you to take advantage of the OC Mommy and Me special offer.

I hope I see some of you there soon!!