Imagine an hour and a quarter each week where you could just sit back and relax while your little one is engaged in purposeful play with developmentally-appropriate activities—that you don’t have to set up or clean up!⁠

Our Rising Toddler and Toddler classes (formerly playgroups) for babies 6 -24 months may have new names, but the amazing programming for your soon-to-be toddler, or toddler, has remained unchanged! Why the name change?! To reflect that this magical unicorn of a program runs just like our other groups – as class series! And also to convey that there is so much more to the program than just coming to play each week (although we know that is the most fun part)!

Each week classes are led by an experienced instructor who will guide you through age appropriate activities AND facilitate discussions around your most pressing baby and toddler questions. ⁠While YOU learn and grow as a parent and caregiver, your child will learn and grow through play! 

Offered as a rolling 8-week series grouped by child ages from 6 months to 2 years, the curriculum rotates every 8 weeks so you can continue on with us for as long as you like. Our  curriculum will rotate and change seasonally as your child grows and advances to older class series! Each week you can expect sensory play, music, guided play, read-alouds, and more!

Weekly discussions for parents include, but are not limited to:

  • “Watch me, Mom!” : Teaching Infants + Toddlers about their Bodies
  • Things I Can Do + Gross Motor Development
  • Things I Can Feel + Separation Anxiety
  • Little People, Big Feelings: Tantrums and Challenging Behavior
  • “That’s Mine!” : Let’s Talk about Sharing
  • Things I Can Eat + Nutrition
  • The Power of Play-Based Learning
  • The Case for Heuristic Play
  • I Want to be like Mama! + Real Life Play
  • They’re a Classic for a Reason: Block Play
  • We’re headed to the _______! Preparing your Littles for Real Life Experiences!
  • Music and Movement
  • Your Littles Struggle is Real (and Super Important Too)!
  • Building Your Relationship with Your Children

We will provide all of the supplies, you just show up for the fun! 

Fall 2023 Rising Toddler and Toddler Classes begin the week of September 11 with classes held on throughout the week, depending on your child’s age. 

View the full schedule and register to reserve your place now.