Whining is like nails on a chalkboard to me. It has the ability to take me from a serene peaceful state to a level 10 and in the red zone in seconds! There’s a few choice words I’d like to use when my toddler starts whining, but for the sake of his self-esteem and his future adult self, I use the following method instead.

Let’s say my toddler wants a cracker. Basically, here is how the conversation goes:

Toddler: I waaaaannnnttttt iiiiiiittttttt!!!!!

Me: What is it that you want, sweetheart?

Toddler: I wwwwwwaaaaaannnnt iiiitttt!! Craaaaaackkkerrrrr!!!

Me: I’m so sorry, I can’t understand those noises that you’re making. Can you please use your normal voice and tell me what you want? Are you trying to say that you would like a cracker?

Toddler: Craaaaccckkkerrrrr!!

Then model for your toddler how he should ask for it, but don’t force him to do so. You are just modeling it.

Me: You can say, “Mama, can I please have a cracker?”

Then give toddler said cracker and voila!

This works like magic, give it a try and stick to your guns! Don’t give in to the whining, it will break you down and make you yell things you don’t want to! Unless of course, you have some WINE to go with your toddler’s WHINE!