News flash mamas and mamas-to-be…. you don’t have to do it alone!

No matter what stage of motherhood you are at, New Mom School is here to support you.

We will pair you with moms and little ones in the same stage of motherhood (and life) so you can take on this fourth trimester and beyond feeling not only supported but seen.

Shared experiences, built-in support, and mental health check-ins; you will find your instant community… and probably lifelong friends, also!

Our Mamas and the community they’ve helped us create do bring a special kind of magic to motherhood.

Here’s what you can expect from a fellow New Mom School Mama…

✅She accepts offers of help from friends without guilt or self-judgment…yes to laundry, meals, babysitting, and more.
❌She doesn’t hold herself to unrealistic expectations of what a mother “should” do.

✅She feeds her baby in whatever way works best for their unique situation.
❌She doesn’t judge another mom for how she chooses to feed her baby.

✅ She is supported and confident.
❌She knows not every motherhood journey looks the same, and listens to her mommy’s intuition when something feels wrong.

✅ She is patient.
❌She knows that it takes time (for baby and mom) to adjust to their new roles and it will get easier.

Even if you haven’t met your little one yet, you can still embody the vibes of a New Mom School mama. We welcome expectant mothers to join our community of NMS Mamas in the making!

By registering for class during your pregnancy, we’ll be able to match you with other Mamas whose babies are born within weeks of each other. (It’s truly the best part!)

If we haven’t already, we can’t wait to meet you in class.



p.s. I’d be so grateful if you could forward this email to a mom friend who is expecting and who might like to join us in class soon!