Written By Janice Russell

Working remotely has become a necessity for many parents, and it certainly has its benefits. Glassdoor.com lists some of the advantages as greater work-life balance, cost-savings and project momentum from employees.

Despite these advantages, many parents of babies and toddlers are discovering how challenging it can be to juggle responsibilities of work and home simultaneously. Balancing work and parenting roles is challenging, and this is magnified with both entities under one roof. Parents working remotely can survive and even hit their stride by taking some steps to ensure that they maximize their time in both worlds.


It may feel as if your schedule flew out the window when you started working remotely, and if that is the case, consider yourself normal. As parents have carefully tried to meet demands of work while staying in tune with their kids’ needs, it has become a scheduling calamity for the masses.

Without a cut and dry division between home and work, parents with little ones need to create a flexible schedule that can accommodate family demands. Flexibility in the schedule prevents a stressed out situation from becoming unbearable. Perhaps your employer would consider a split shift. Rather than working all of your hours in one sitting, it may be more reasonable to work a few hours at a stretch with planned gaps in between to focus on parenting responsibilities. It may also be helpful to have early morning or late night hours as an alternative option; these hours may offer the best times for work focus, when children are sleeping and the house is quiet. Reducing work hours may also be necessary for parents of young children. Making your work hours count and being able to focus may be worth more to your employer than a certain number of hours per week.

Regardless of how you schedule your day, be sure to include downtime. Juggling these responsibilities under one roof is difficult and the stress can have negative effects on your physical and mental health. Make sure you take time to get some fresh air everyday, and add a relaxing, enjoyable activity to your agenda.

Making Space for Work at Home

It can be difficult to focus if you are trying to work at the kitchen table. If you have space in your home, set up a workspace separate from your living area but accessible to your family. There are some simple, budget friendly ways to set up a designated location for work. You are more likely to stay focused if you are in a comfortable setting that is designated for work. Another way to ensure greater focus is being physically comfortable.

Clothing and Comfort

One of the best aspects of working at home is the increased ability to enjoy a comfortable wardrobe.The staple item of a comfortable outfit is a supportive, non-restrictive bra with support and durability without annoying underwires or slipping straps. Pair a comfy bra with a comfortable top and soft leggings and you will be ready for anything that work or home throws your way.

Clothing may seem like a trivial detail, but a comfortable outfit can increase focus, productivity and an overall sense of well-being. It has been shown that people who wear comfortable clothing score better on exams than people wearing more formal attire. Working at home while parenting is the ultimate test, and being comfortable is an important detail.

Parents who are working at home while tending young children deserve an award for their juggling skills. Self-care is crucial for parents in this situation, as well as setting up a flexible schedule, a designated work area and wearing comfortable clothing to support your daily activities.