Many people think of doulas as delivery assistants who help with breathing techniques and pushing. But an evolution within the parenting scene is underway as families today turn to caring, trained professionals to help boost confidence and strike a much-needed balance across the home front when a new baby is welcomed home. 

Postpartum doulas are nurturing experts and trusted advisors dedicated to providing physical, educational and non-judgmental emotional support and guidance to a new mother and her family. Our mission is to fill the gaps left by customary postpartum practices, which usually include only medical procedures, occasional checkups, and the purchase of baby-related paraphernalia. A doula’s education, quiet support and guidance are a manifestation of the traditional postpartum support that our society is missing. We provide evidence-based information on all fronts once the baby is born and support our families on so many levels to dramatically change their parenthood experience for the better. Imagine having an in-home resource alongside you to guide and help lift the daily responsibilities of:

  • Feeding Support (breastfeeding help, expressed milk feedings/pumping support, bottle)
  • Newborn Care (diapering, bathing, umbilical cord, circumcision, special needs)
  • Maternal Support (physical assistance, emotional support, incision/tear care, companionship)
  • Paternal Support (ways to help, emotional support)
  • Newborn Calming/Soothing (techniques to help with baby’s sleep, bonding/attachment tips, baby wearing support)
  • Newborn Uniqueness (understanding your baby’s cues)
  • Sleep Guidance (implementing healthy day/night sleep routines for baby) 
  • Sibling Support and Integration
  • Household Assistance (meal prep, household organization, light cleaning, running errands, grocery shopping, walking the dog)

Some people liken us to fairy godmothers. We simply love what we do!

Our primary interest is to instill confidence in each new parent we partner with. Our philosophy is “once a client, always a client” – so even beyond the end of each engagement, your doula is just a text or phone call away. Always.

We offer whatever level of support you desire: day, evening, overnight and 24-hour services. This is your parenting journey, and we’re here to be a vital and valuable part of your village. In fact, click here to read about one woman’s extraordinary experience working with her postpartum doula.

All New Mom School referrals receive a discount off their contract and hourly rate. We hope you’ll consider exploring how our tailored services can shower you and your family with the support and guidance all new parents deserve during this special time in life.

Donna S. Ford Director of Client Services OC & LA

CAPPA Postpartum Doula I NCS I Sleep Coach

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