We’re coming to you today with a Public Service Announcement: Basic grooming, personal hygiene, eating, sleeping and running errands for your family is NOT self-care!

At New Mom School we are on a mission to educate moms on what self-care really looks like and to give you the tools and the resources to ensure you get enough of it! 

Because if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

Here’s 5 Self Care Truths & Tips for New Moms, from New Mom School founder, Alex Spitz


  1. Self-hygiene is NOT self-care. It’s basic hygiene. New moms, you don’t need to ask permission to take a shower or brush your teeth or go to the bathroom ALONE. They are basic needs that need to be met daily. Be direct, hand your baby to your partner and go! Does he ask permission to go and do these things each day (multiple times a day)? And what are they REALLY doing in there for so long?!
  2. Brush your teeth by 10 am EVERY day. Yes, by 10 am! Did you ever think it would feel impossible to do this with a newborn? And take a shower EVERY day. Just trust me. Report back how much better you feel being clean!
  3. Eating is a priority. Here’s a hack to make it easier—and one-handed if necessary. Make protein shake zip locks (yes, including your nut butter) for your freezer so all you need to add is liquid and ice and start your day with a protein shake instead of trying to survive on coffee (which probably gives your baby reflux and gas) and increases your postpartum anxiety.
  4. Your family’s needs come first.  Don’t say “yes” to others when you really mean “no”.  It will only cause resentment and more stress within yourself, and take away valuable time you could be using for YOU.
  5. While it seems as though being a mom is about being selfless, you’re actually doing yourself and your family a disservice by not taking time for yourself.  If you don’t put the oxygen mask on first, you won’t have enough oxygen to help those around you. Self care is your oxygen.
  6. Quality time with girlfriends is a must. If you don’t have close girlfriends or friends with children a similar age, join a mommy group. Nothing prepares you for having a newborn, but being surrounded by other new moms going through exactly what you are is a lifesaver during such an overwhelming transition. (Hint: New Mom School can help you with that.)