I am so, so, so excited to announce that The New Mom School officially has our own location! Like name on-the-door and directory own location! Can you believe it?? As of this week, the studio that we have been using part-time for two years will be completely ours moving forward. We have signed a new lease and could not be more excited to have our own home. The best part about it is that we still get to be roomies with The Dailey Method and the owner Taryn, who has welcomed us with open arms and makes the space such a beautiful and warm place for all of our families.

With our new home will come a lot more exciting classes, events and workshops as the year unfolds and I can’t wait to share them all with you! I always love to hear what you’re missing in the community and what you wish there was available, so please reach out to me anytime with your thoughts and suggestions! This space is going to reflect what our program is all about…educating, encouraging and empowering our families to find the joy and confidence in parenting with lots of love, empathy and support!

Cheers to Positive Parenting (that’s your first clue of what’s to come)

With gratitude and excitement,