Christine is an OCMM alum and a busy, beautiful mom of two.

Here’s how she gets her glam on in 5 mins! Love this.


Take Five

by: Christine Kerekes

My previous before-kids self would have never imagined I would see the day that I could get my beauty routine done in five minutes. But, enter my two cutie pie toddlers, and you bet my getting-ready time has been slimmed down significantly. Gone are the days I spent oodles of time primping and prepping! Any busy mommy knows what this is like. But, being the perpetual optimist that I am, this means I am able to focus on and use only my very favorite beauty products! And since no glam girl wants to sacrifice her look at the expense of time, I have had to ditch the excess and get right down to it. So, just what are my favorite, go-to glam mommy-on-the-go products?
1. YBF Brow Pencil
I personally love nice, neat, full eyebrows. They frame the face and fuller brows make us look younger…yay! I’ve tried them all and this one from YBF is ideal for all hair colors because it can go on light or dark. Genius for naturally filling in brows.
2. Lip gloss/Nude liner
Nars Orgasm Gloss + Rimmel East End Snob liner make for the perfect nude yet “done but not too done” lip.
3. BB Cream
Do you wish you had one product to prime, correct, protect (you had me at SPF!), moisturize, and control oil? BB cream does all of the above. If you’re not yet privy to this product, get your heels on and head to Sephora right now! This is your best friend for a gorgeous and easy five-minute face. Seriously, its 5-in-1 property make this a huge winner in my book. There are dozens of different brands but I love this one from Smashbox as well as Garnier BB cream for combination-to-oily skin.
4.  Lash Curler
No brainer. Wakes my face up immediately and this one from Tarte has my heart because it curls comfortably without tugging. After curling I follow with a generous couple coats of mascara and add black kohl liner to the inner bottom lash line.
5.  Bronzer/Blush
I use Nars blush in Laguna/Orgasm or Elf Bronzer in Warm Tan. They freshen my face up with a quick application to my cheeks. Nars’ product has two shades for contouring and bronzing to give you a fresh glow. (Yes, I’ve been at the spa all day, haven’t you?)
6.  PureBliss Makeup Setting Spray
This is a great product that helps lock your beautiful five-minute face in place after you’ve applied your products. With green tea and hyaluronic acid, it packs a punch to wake me in the mornings.  It also doubles as a refresher to throw in your bag and freshen up throughout the day without having to reapply.
The five-minute face (okay…maybe six) can absolutely happen if you streamline your beauty bag down to these universally loved products.  Get these products in your arsenal and you can get your mommy glam on in no time at all.