As a mom of two, being organized is the key to a successful day. But, staying organized can sometimes be the hardest part! This is why I am so excited to introduce you to Sara Barba, founder of XOXOrganizing. XOXO is a professional organizing service based in Orange County that identifies simple approaches to not-so-simple problems. Sara was so great to give us some great tips on organizing so you can manage your space without missing out on the things you love to do!


The New Mom School: Which type of bins do you suggest to use and for what?

XOXOrganizing: I always suggest using bins that are square or rectangular so you can make the most out of your space. They’ll fit on shelves, inside cabinets and when used side-by-side, will give you maximum storage capabilities. If you don’t have enough drawer space, use a bin to hold your things. Once you will set it on your shelf, it will essentially be a drawer! Also, bins aren’t always the answer. Sometimes, hanging clothes instead of folding them will allow you for the extra space you need.


NMS: What is the best way to label?

XOXO: I think the best way to label- is to know what you own in the first place. Remember how we used to play Concentration as kids? No labeling needed- we kept track of what was where. Keeping track of what you bring into your home and what you have is the goal. Labeling is fine, but it also restricts you from thinking outside the box- in terms of organization. If you label a shelf “medicine” and then over time your children grow older and you have more medicine or something else you need to store in that space, most people will continue to house medicine in that same space, even though it might mean that they need to move their location. I always say, “If your life changes, your space should too.”


NMS: What do you suggest keeping versus what to toss?

XOXO: I heard that one suggestion is “One in, one out”, but I don’t agree. I think you should always be mindful of what you’re keeping. Don’t keep something just because you have the space for it. Over time, it’s going to clutter up your space.