Do you remember the day you found out you were pregnant? It seems that from that day forward, time is forever separated into two categories: before and after that day. A baby and a mother are being made, and before you can even fully believe it for yourself, you’re off to an OB-GYN or midwife, counting down weeks while counting up dress sizes. Maybe you’ve read up on what to expect, but even so, you’re frequently hit with a “WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME THIS?!” 

We get it. Life is full of surprises, but making a life? It’s full of shocking discoveries, thrilling changes, and some, well…some pretty uncomfortable stages. You’ve probably brought some of this up to your main obstetrician or midwife who has perhaps been helpful in some areas, and in others, not as much. We can’t blame them, they’re only meant to be part of your pregnancy journey. As you’ve likely come to learn so far, pregnancy changes every part of you. Your body, mind, soul, relationships, finances – all of it. That’s why we advocate for a fuller, more holistic support system that can provide critical emotional, physical, and informational support. We believe this will lead you to experience a more empowered pregnancy journey, and a more graceful transition to the fourth trimester aka the newborn phase…when everything changes again.

We have curated a list of professionals who we believe are most important when building your pregnancy support team. In the coming weeks, we will highlight each and discuss how these providers can support you in a successful pregnancy and postpartum.

Professionals to consider: 
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