Hello, moms!

I wanted to tell you about this fantastic prenatal yoga class with Harmony Wellness Center in Costa Mesa. Here’s some of the info:

  • Prenatal yoga is all about creating more space within the body for you and baby, while improving posture and awareness.
  • The 4 week prenatal yoga series allows your teacher to build a class specific for your needs + stage of pregnancy. Each class builds on the next, changing as your body changes.
  • Every class is semi-private. Reservations are required. This allows them to plan ahead for each mama, creating a class just for you.
  • Their instructors are awesome! No joke, they will cater to you and make sure you feel as good as possible in every class.
  • Mama’s get perks! Yep, when you register for prenatal yoga you also save on prenatal massages within our center, see Baby Bundle of more details.

You will:

  • Create space and find comfort in your changing body.
  • Relax, Re-focus & Be Present.
  • Connect with other moms.
  • No yoga experience is needed.
  • All props are provided.

Prenatal Yoga classes are Tuesday at 5:45pm, Thursday at 6:30pm, and Saturday at 10:45am.