Written by Katrina Cameron, Program Manager for OCMM.

One of the best tips I ever got to prepare for breastfeeding was to have water and a basket of healthy snacks readily available by my rocker, bedside, and anywhere I would be nursing my baby girl. I found my appetite to be more voracious while breastfeeding than while pregnant, so when it came down to nursing my newborn around the clock, those goodies were so welcomed! My snack basket included trail mix, fruit, lactation cookies, and more! To me, loading up on these snacks meant good milk for my baby. But when I found out how much sugar went into making those specialty lactation cookies I was shocked and was certain there had to be another alternative! At the time, there wasn’t an alternative and finding a good recipe and baking them myself were out of the question for my limited kitchen skill set and available free time. Plus I was certain there was someone out there with the knowledge and background to make fully nutritious, yet delicious, lactation treats. Enter Jaime Komer and Happy Dough.

Jaime Komer is an Olympian and our nutrition expert. Her motivation behind creating Happy Dough stems from a passion and curiosity for clean nutrition that is plant-based, and mostly raw, so it efficiently and effectively fuels the body! No matter how busy, out-and-about, training or working all day long, or living a hectic lifestyle someone is, she wants them to have the most nutrient-rich food that the body can recognize, absorb, and digest, even if only in snack form.

Happy Dough is organic, non-GMO, plant-based, unrefined, dairy/gluten/soy free, and free of common allergens (minus tree nuts and peanuts because we can’t deny the health benefits and taste of them!) And now, she’s upping the ante for Orange County moms and offering Happy Dough for Lactation.

Happy Dough for Lactation has the same nutrient-dense and clean benefits as the original Happy Dough, yet adds additional ingredients to enhance the promotion of lactation. Each piece includes lactation supporting ingredients including brewer’s yeast, flaxseed, chia seeds, and oats. This raw healthy snack contains all the lactation benefits you want, yet without the refined and processed ingredients.

If you want to nourish your body while feeding your baby, Happy Dough for Lactation is exactly what you need. You deserve it! Enjoy these raw, unrefined, healthy snacks for rejuvenating energy while promoting lactation. It’s locally handcrafted in Costa Mesa and available for purchase in our studio for just $5 per container!

My recommendation is to pick some up for those late night nursing sessions, or when you’re on the go (because when are you not on the go with a baby?), or when you need a simple treat that serves a massive purpose in a small package. Trust me, you and your baby will be so happy!

Feel free to read more about Happy Dough, visit Jaime’s website AYT Lifestyle for all things healthy lifestyle, or reach out to her if you’d like to put in an order at AYTlifestyle@gmail.com.